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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Adventures galore

Wow! What a weekend! I traveled out to Fredericksburg this weekend to help out with IMPACT weekend. I led a group of middle school girls and boy oh boy were they crazy!! ( in a good way of course!) They were quite pranksters and over the course of the weekend saran wrapped cars, toilet papered cars, stuck gummie worms in peoples noses while they slept, and devised various plans to scare people! These girls were an ultimate blast and I learned more middle school hand jives that i've ever known before! But the best part was that inside all that craziness were some really sweet girls. They had a genuine interest in understanding more about Jesus and weren't afraid to ask questions. I must admit, that is a very refreshing quality! So many people today are afraid of religion, afraid of discussing it or of asking questions, but what better way to find answers than to ask questions!?! Annnnddd who better to ask questions to, than the One who knows the answers!?! ( which of course is God, not me!!!)

The drive up to Fredericksburg, which I now know is in the hill country, was absolutely gorgeous!! Now, I must admit that I am a bit partial to the south east mountains and trees but the hill country sure put up a good fight. The scenery was simply breath taking this time of year and there were many times I wanted to pull over and just wonder around and enjoy nature! I really wish i would have looking back on it!! I arrived 30 minutes early, that could have been 30 minutes wondering in the wilderness!!! I have discovered that I have a scardy cat inquisitive nature! I have all these adventurous thoughts in my head but I am a chicken and never do them unless someone makes me do them...and usually no one knows my weird thoughts unless I share them...which is rare... Anways!! I have a fascination for road side stores with fruit and small town cafes. There were so many on the way down, I almost stopped many times! But..as we have already discussed, my scardy cat nature gave in and therefore I am fruitless, cafeless, and still natureless : ( Since then I have decided a good spontaneous, plan free road trip is in order!! Someday....someday oh adventurous alison...you will get to explore..

In memory of my almost adventurous weekend, I have decided to be cRaAazZZy this week ( well crazy for me...). So Christine and I began with none other than: golden corral for dinner!! I haven't been there since I first moved to Texas in 6th grade. I remember my mom and I had never heard of a golden corral so we tried it and ended up eating there about once a week. Then my dad finally moved out and joined us in our house and told us we couldn't eat there anymore...something about sketchy company?? I was quite disappointed because I could get just as much dinner there as dessert and mom never seemed to notice!! *score!* So that is my past history of the great GC ( golden corral for you newbies), and tonight Christine and I began a new future of GCing. We paid 10 dollars for unlimited plates of every kind of food imaginable! I mean where else can you eat steak, a fajita, fried catfish, and borbourn chicken all in the same place!?!? So after three plates of food and plenty of dessert we bounced! Although I must say, there was a large amount of sweet old black ladies there who were headed to church afterwards, and I just loved them! I love how excited they get for church and how they would worship all day if they could!!! Christine and I have decided to visit one Sunday night soon....I can't wait! In addition to our snazzy dinner, we have decided to go on a luxurious run through the cemetery this wednesday afternoon with Sawyer! Apparently it's pretty, according to the all knowing source caitlin, and I am looking forward to it!! Soo I just can't wait to see what this week has in store with a start like this!!

Well I have procrastinated enough...but I must admit life is just too good not to blog about : ) Therefore I have two sunshine's of the day:

Sunshine of the Day (1): Seeing Jesus work in the kiddos at IMPACT was just stinking incredible!!! Our God is SOOOOOOO totally my sunshine : )

Sunshine of the Day (2): Getting to talk with my best friend and boyfriend for hours in the car today on the drive back!!! I am so blessed with such great people in my life!!! God is the best provider ever!!!

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  1. i secretly love GC! take me with you next time! :)