A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In the beginning...

So, I feel slightly pressured to say something interesting or funny on my first official blog. But I must warn you, I am neither exceedingly interesting or funny, I just love life and am here to tell you about it!

If i may make one recommendation, my dear room mate, laura, is a hilarious writer so you should check out her blog!! (http://stardusttoremember.blogspot.com) She'll love me for that : )

Brown Eyed Sunshine...what a strange name for a blog you say. Well let me explain how this name came to be. All of my life, I have had these plain boring brown eyes and I have been quite disappointed with them. Of all the beautiful colors out there-blue, green, hazel-I got stuck with brown. I've been really quite bitter about it until recently. You see, my brown eyes, are quite different than the next person's brown eyes. If our eyes are the window to our soul-the very most individualized intimate part of us-then my perspective is vastly different than anyone elses! So in fact my brown eyes are a totally different brown eyes than yours! The fact that I deeply delight in the sunshine, enjoy a cinnabon over any other dessert, and love to laugh out loud when I talk to Jesus just implies that my unique person is different than yours. There is nothing worse or better about this fact, its just a fact about what makes me tick! So all that to say, I now love my brown eyes, plain as they may be-they are my eyes and my perspective!

The Sunshine aspect of this blog refers to many things. I love the literal sunshine and how it warms my skin and there is a guaranteed smile to follow. I love getting all my vitamins soaked up from mr. sun because I'm all about the vitamins! I love the psychological benefit of increased happiness. I love the atmosphere it creates-perfect date weather : ) And most importantly it reminds me of my Savior, Jesus Christ. C.S. Lewis so beautifully quotes " I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen. Not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else. " That is Jesus to me. He shines light, understanding, and hope on my world and brings a smile to my face every single time : )

So now that you understand the strange thought process that became my blog name, I feel that I must do something productive before the day ends. You see, creating this blog name took approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. A bit much I know but I am a picky woman! Nonetheless, my neuroscience homework calls!

Sunshine of the day: Eating trifle with my roomies : ) what an ultimate blessing!


  1. I love your eyes, too [wink wink]

    you beautiful girl, you!

    p.s. trifle is delicioso!

  2. Hello Alison!!!!

    I love your blog! It is so charming and smiley. :) Or should I say... SUNNY!!!! I especially like the sunshine of the day. I'm glad you like trifle! I love making trifle and eating it with roomies also.

    My sunshine of the day is watching Princess and the Frog with roomies!!!