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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Room mates and quirks

As I sit here with my laptop open trying to read my neuroscience textbook, my dog-named Sawyer-is running around with boxers on his head and my room mates are chasing him and trying to get pictures all at the same time. A strange scenario one might say....wrong. The craziness that is in that sentence is my apartment; it is my life from August to May and i love it! My room mates are the silliest, most random, awesomest girls I've ever known. Living with them is an adventure every day and I look forward to what each day brings! You see, sometimes its the craziness and unexpected that truly brings us joy. When we're caught off guard we simply must be ourselves as we instantaneously lost all preparation we might have had for that moment. It is in the unexpected and unpredictable ways of life that we truly exist. I have come to decide that I love these moments and I want them in every aspect of my life!

Even when I'm hanging out with Jesus, I like to be willing to take any moment as it comes. For instance, sometimes I think I should have been black, especially when I'm singing to worship songs. I bounce my knees an abnormal amount, jump up and down when I really agree with the lyrics, and even ad lib my own words into the silence!!! You think I'm kidding and you've just never been to a worship service with me or you've just never gotten close enough to hear me! Although hearing me isn't usually an issue because the more excited I get the louder I get. I get that from my mom....thanks mom. So of course that translates to the church and my worship as well!! However I do try and ad lib quieter than I sing! I wish what I ad libed made sense or sounded pretty but most often it doesn't. I try new harmonies or poetic sounding phrases and usually it's an epic fail. But that is besides the point-the point is that I'm quirky and I even want Jesus to know those quirks!!!

Well while we're on the subject lets just get things out in the open real quick! Facts about Alison, you may or may not be aware of:

Fact #1: When I'm listening to a song, even if I don't know the words-I still sing along. I can't help it, I like to be a part of the music!

Fact #2: I think I like McDonalds...I think i've just been scared to admit that all of my life..

Fact #3: I must be wearing my rings, watch, and ear rings at all or times or I feel naked...like seriously, as bad as not having pants on.

Fact #4: I don't like my neck being exposed to the public, I can't explain why it just feels so vulnerable!

Fact #5: I prefer to eat my cake all smushed up. I like the icing to cake ratio to be even.

Fact #6: I really don't like ice cream all that much....unless it's on cobbler.

Fact #7: I wear socks to bed.

Fact #8: I really don't like sitting on the floor...at all...it makes my butt fall asleep wayy too fast!

Fact #9: I hate putting the sheets on my bed-I will sleep without sheets for days, even weeks, before giving in and putting them on properly.

Fact #10 (And i believe 10 is enough for one night!): I love going to the dentist! A clean mouth is my favorite thing EVERRRRRR.

So I'm super sleepy and I could barely think of 10 things about myself which is kind of alarming considering this is myself talking....anywho-be like a hoo in hooville!!! Even if the grinch takes all your toys, walk outta your house happy and keep on singing!!!

Good night to all, and all a good night!!!

Sunshine of the Day: Buying the kind of coffee we have at Highland and making it and drinking it out of my new favorite mug!!!! the best coffee ever : )

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  1. Haha, oh Alison. I love you too, crazy roomie!!!!

    And Sawyer running around with boxers on his head is seriously one of the more tame things that goes down around here... I liked the ten things about you. I didn't know all of them! How interesting. I will have to study them later so I have a complete Alison glossary in my head.

    Alas, however, Deltasig calls.

    BRB! :)