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Monday, June 7, 2010

Can I get a nonfat, soy vanilla latte please??

Well hello there!! I have not blogged in forever, I know. A certain room mate and boyfriend have endlessly reminded me of that fact. But you see the reason is quite compelling for I haven't had anything to write about!! It's a sad fact, but my life has been somewhat boring and slow. I have made a note of the past 3/4 weeks to remember them down the road, because my life is usually never boring and definitely never slow!! I'm a busy body and I love it! So this whole 'down time' thing has thrown me off! But never fear, my life is getting busy and therefore I am back to write!!

The most recent reason for my summer picking up speed has to be my new job! I am a coffee barista at Coffee n' Cream and started a week ago! I'm still in training so don't expect too much but I can make all kinds of coffee now and am becoming and expert in certain 'mom trades.' The negative to not having a lot of staffers is that we, the baristas, also take on the role of janitors, secretaries, bakers, etc. I can now clean better than I thought I could, juggle angry customers and kids whining at me, throwing some scones in the oven, and file paper work all at the same time!! I now think I know what it feels like to be a mom. And let me tell you, I don't know that I am ready, or mature enough, to be a mom yet... Moms are power houses of energy and love and I'm still learning how to make a shot of espresso and steam some milk at the same time, let alone run a household! No no...no kids for me just yet!

I really do love my job, I don't mean to complain, its just new to me!! My feet are bruised on the bottom..yeah I know I must have wimpy feet, and my legs are sore!! I'm just not used to standing on my feet all the time. But i love, capital L-O-V-E, the high I get when I make a customer happy with the latte I make, or the peachy blueberry bar I suggest they try. I love that I can brighten someones day by caring more about the customer than how much money I make. People these days are in such a rush-I being the number one suspect-that we don't stop to care about the people we meet throughout the day. You don't see the people at starbucks walking your coffee out to your table and asking how your husband Bob is doing now do you?? It's just a lost art, and by george I wanna bring it back!! I love that small town love!! And I plan to shine a little bit of sunshine on every customer that walks in my door!! I am quite serious i'll have you know..you should stop by and see for yourself : )

Before my job, my summer consisted of reading lots of books, babysitting, and zumba-ing with my best friend laura shaheen! Now I must admit to the world that I am a book-a-holic!!! If I get in a good book, I don't care if you just broke up with your boyfriend and overcharged your credit card, I'm busy!! Haha, that makes me sound quite heartless but I do hope you get the point! I become the main girl character in the book and when left alone, my entire world becomes the characters! So I've traveled the world, in a strange and quirky sense, the past month!! I've finished about 8 books now and loved every one of them!!! Anyone have any good suggestions now??? I might get a library card now...oooohh now wouldn't that just be exciting!! I'll get to know the librarian as a part of my small town love thing : ) yes, good plan.

And zumba...yes I am now an official zumba-er!! Laura and I can shake it and roll it like nobodies business.... well, okay maybe we aren't that good, but we sure have a lot of fun!!! It's this strange mix of different latin dances and its hilarious! It's mostly girls, except for the poor husbands that get dragged in by their wives, and none of us can really dance well. I think if you CAN dance well, you wouldn't show up to the class, you'd be out doing it! Haha...but nonetheless we love it! And the hot tub afterwards feels Oh-So-Good!!!! My next trip to life time is going to include a little rock climbing and racquet ball! I'm just growing up so much : ) I can't wait! Sadly, however laura is back in Waco..sooo...she needs to come back so we can lifetime it more often!!

Well...I think that is the extent to my exciting life right now!! I'm enjoying my day off by writing about work...haha...oh me oh my! (pudding pie..)

Over and Out!

Sunshine of the Day: eating my mom's homemade chicken enchiladas...mmMmMm good : )

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  1. I just wrote you a crazy long comment and it DELETED!!!

    The gist of it was:

    I love ZUMBA! We must do it next year too!!!! At school! No matter how busy! And when I get back to McKinney, except maybe during sing, when I am 3 seconds from exhaustion passing out at all times.

    Love books.

    Glad you love work! I want to see you and have you recommend lots of delicious things to me.

    Miss you mucho.