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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Memories of firsts!

The first memory I have of Laura Shaheen: I know that I met her before senior year in high school but my first good 'memory' 'memory' of laura took place in government/economics and photography class! During government/economics we would tune out our professor as we began to draw random tangents of thought. They never quite made sense but we sure had a lot of fun. I remember buying her a cake for her birthday too!! huuzahhh! a sign of true friendship! In photography I specifically remember telling off a younger boy who was trying to get into the National Honor Society. Laura and I were both on the council and we convinced this poor boy that his fate was in our hands and he soon began telling us how pretty we were! It was awesome because even our teacher jumped in with the story!! Between that and baking cinnamon rolls in class, we had some good times man..good times..

The first memory I have of Christine to the Clizark isn't quite as detailed as laura's. I just remember that for dances in high school, people would come over to take pictures on our stairs and one time junior year Christine wore this gorgeous gold dress and I just remember thinking she was the prettiest thing that ever walked the planet! I specifically remember that I hoped nick wouldn't notice...bahaha oh me oh my...but yes..that is my first first memory. Besides that I remember that she was supposed to be in my small group at church but she went to church with her familia instead...I was always sad....I thought she didn't like me...but guess what!?! She does!!!!!

The first memory I have of miss hagans....well I never ever in a million years thought she was as sassy as she turned out to be : ) I remember picking her up at collins ( where all the ever so cool girls lived, i was jealous) and going ....well I cannot remember where we went. But our first meeting was at Brooks and I bet we were super intimidating because we were all silly and jokative!! Then...especially when we all went to Dallas for a concert..we ate at this fun little restaurant and slightly flirted with the waiter and STOLE A FORK!!!! YES....I repeat, we stole a fork!!!! So...I am sure she got a good impression of us....hehe.....

Sooo these are just a few firsts in my life : ) more like the firsts that is now my apartment!!!!

Sunshine of the day: tennis being canceled giving me more time to study, Thank you Jesus for watching out for me : )

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